Darrell E. Fair II

Lead Trainer / Manager

Employment experience: Social services, Child and Family, Mental Health, Autism Community, Group Homes, Afterschool Programs, Engineering: Mechanical and Civil.


Family: Wife and daughter. Dog on the way.


Favorite Fitness Disciplines: Aquatic Workouts. Swimming. Bike Riding. Weightlifting. Stretching.

Favorite Food: Chicken wings. Taco salad (turkey or beef). Nachos (beef). Burger and fries. Baked & bbq chicken breast and wings.

Favorite Vegetables: Broccoli and Spinach.

Favorite Fruit: Pineapples & Apples.


Favorite Drink: Water and Sport Drinks.

Favorite Unhealthy Snack: Chips and Dip, (French onion). Doughnuts. Pies. Chewy candy.

Strengths: Getting my workouts completed. Eating quality meals. Stretching.

Weaknesses: Eating breakfast constantly. Sweets. Water intake while at home.

Overcomes: Smoking cigarettes. Bulimia. Extreme shyness.


How I Work out: Video Coming soon.


My Full Story:

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